Choose your Life, Choose your Security.

Today, businesses are threatened on more fronts than ever before. At SCS we sell, install and maintain a variety of commercial security systems including Closed Circuit Television Surveillance (CCTV) systems, Fire and Smoke alarms and Access Control systems for any size business. Whether you are a small business or the largest commercial enterprise, we have right security solution for you





High end IP CCTV cameras for surveillance


We have advanced and smart models of cameras and installation services are provided by experienced engineers, who have proven track record.

We offer you digital night vision HD Cameras and offer an exclusive range of IP CCTV Camera, HD CCTV Camera, Surveillance Camera, Wireless CCTV Camera, Security Cameras, Video Surveillance and Surveillance System.



EPABX (For Home, Office and Factories)

We provide a digital PBX Phone System for minor and major workplaces, home offices, cafeterias and clinics that provide a complete effective communication and call management processes. It is packed with many value-added features, it lessens communication charges, augments output and streamlines business procedures with effective call management.



Did you know that businesses make up 81% of all ransomware infections?1 Here’s everything you need to know to choose the right firewall service to monitor your network traffic. Hardware firewalls and software firewalls provide diffrent security benefits. But for this review, we’re focusing on hardware firewalls. Why? Most software firewalls protect only the device running the software. Hardware firewalls, on the other hand, protect your entire network from malware and intrusions—which we figure is more useful for businesses.

Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) consolidates multiple security and networking functions with one unified appliance that protects businesses and simplifies infrastructure. Simplified security and networking capabilities in one box reduces the risk of cyber threats, enables cloud access, and frees resources, enabling business leaders to focus on what matters most—revenue growth and profitability.. Simple Management Cloud-based management allows your staff to become more efficient by enabling a mobile workforce. Quickly and Easily Scale The Fortinet Security Fabric allows you to seamlessly add products as your organization grows, such as endpoint, sandboxing, and more. Free Up ResourcesUnified management and networking that scales as you grow allows you to free resource-constrained staff to focus on other efforts.

Why NComputing?

For 15 years NComputing has pursued the idea of affordable, high performing desktop virtualization solutions. “NComputing’s RX-HDX devices cost a third of what we projected if wewere to install a new network of laptops in our office. It also slashes our utility bills through reduced operating expenditure,delivering significant savings and reducing our carbon footprint.” We’re confident our solutions will work for you.

Today’s computers have more computing power than most users need, and much of it sits idle a majority of the time. We help you consolidate, virtualize, and distribute this computing power to where it's needed the most.

High Performance

Low Cost

Servers and thin clients cost less to acquire than an army of PCs. Thin clients use less energy, generate a fraction of a PCs fan noise and heat, and greatly reduce the need for hands-on support. Even use existing PCs past their expiration dates via software clients.

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